Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Rewrite

Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Rewrite

Eds + Vampires Opening Song

Eds + Vampires is a crossover series between Ed Edd n Eddy and Rosario Vampire..

Plot SummaryEdit

Four years after the events of the original Ed Edd N Eddy series, the Eds (Ed 18, Edd 17, Eddy 16) are now young teenage adults who have traveled from the United States of America to Japan to start a new journey in their lives and tries move on from there beloved cul de sac. The Eds mostly Edd seeks to gain future success by getting into good schools but they couldn't. But after trying they found an invitation and are mysteriously accepted in the Youkai Academy. On their first day, they seemed to enjoy their new school but realise that the school for supernatural monsters and mythlogical creatures. The Eds meet Tsukune, Moka and the gang, while the gang was skeptical of the eds, they became the bestest friends. However they must deal with corrupt students, corrupt teachers, cults, mad scientists, and more on this romantic,funny, exciting adventure.


The series takes place four years right after the events of the original Ed Edd N Eddy series and two months right after the events of Rosario + Vampires.

Chapter arcEdit


Youkai Academy arc

Youkai School Festival arc

Ultimate Weapon arc

Anti Schoolar arc

Snow Village arc

Masked King arc

Youko arc

Aizen Siblings arc

Newspaper Campaign arc

Control Tsukune arc

Underworld arc

Family Reunion arc

Kanade Kamiya arc

Gilver Joins Youkai Academy arc

Miao Family arc

Capture and Infilitration arc

Fairy Tale arc

Issa Shuzen arc

Fortuna arc