Takeshi and his friends in fairy tale uniform

Fairy Tale is a group of Yokai dedicated into throwing harmony into chaos and ruling over the human world. They are well connected and maintain a great deal of assets, both in finances and in manpower.

They are the main group of antagonists throughout Season Four of Eds + Vampires.


Alucard - He is the founding leader of Fairy Tale and Miao Family under the alias of the Masked King. Alucard was a Shinso Vampire who attempted to destroy humanity in seven days, but was sealed by both Issa Shuzen and Akasha Bloodriver. Though he later resurfaced in his human form and reincarnate Miyabi Fujisaki who is the leader of the 1st subdivision.

Gyokuro Shuzen - She is the mother of Kahlua and Kokoa, who is the matriarch of the Shuzen Family acting as the right hand mistress of Issa Shuzen the Third Dark Lord and Commander In Chief of Fairy Tale succeeding Shizuo Hokaido. She is the most cunning and manipulative vampire in the Shuzen Family.

Miyabi Fujisaki - He is the commanding leader of Fairy Tale's 1st Subdivision, who is the human form of Alucard and was arranged to marry Mizore Shirayuki from the snow village.

Issa Shuzen - He is the Third Dark Lord, the patriarch of the Shuzen Family and is the supposed commanding leader of Fairy Tale's 2nd Subdvision. But it is revealed that he was working undercover to sabotage Alucard's plan into ruling the world. He later defected from Fairy Tale and aids Edd and Tsukune into rescuing his daughter.

Kuyou - He is the commanding leader of Fairy Tale's 3rd Subdivision and was the head of the Public Safety Commission in Yokai Academy who wants revenge on both Edd and Tsukune.

Xia Long Miao - He is the Commanding Leader of Fairy Tales 4th Subdivision and is the recognised head of the Miao Family along with Shizuo but is often considered Shizuo's henchman.

Raika - He is the Commanding Leader of Fairy Tale's 5th Subdivision and is the first subdivision leader to face Edd, Tsukune and others.

Gairen Yuki - He is the Commanding Leader of Fairy Tale's 6th Subdivision and is one of the best swordsmen in China.

Kanade Kamiya - He is the Commanding Leader of Fairy Tale's 7th Subdivision and is the one who killed Marin Kawamoto's husband.


Currently, Fairy Tale appears to have seven divisions. They seemed to be divided regionally, with Subdivisions located in major cities. The group ANTI-THESIS may have been a special division.

Furthermore, Hokuto has explained that every Division has their own distinct goals, and proves this when he assists Tsukune and his friends in trying to rescue Moka.

Gyokuro with Fairy Tale guards