Gyokuro Eds + Vampires

Gyokuro Shuzen is the mother of Kalua and Kokoa Shuzen, and acts as the public leader of the Shuzen Leader, while her husband Issa Shuzen is the true clan leader. Gyokuro is also the supreme commander over the Fairy Tale armed forces. Kaneshiro warned Ed, Edd, Eddy, Tsukune and the others, that Gyokuro is the leader of the Shuzen family and she possesses the strongest yokai defection, greatly surpassing those of her fellow vampires, but is not as powerful as Issa's.

Gyokuro is one of the two main antagonists (along with Miyabi Fujisaki) throughout Season Two.


Gyokuro is known to be cunning and manipulative as a vampire of the Shuzen house. She is always after power and she enjoys those who oppose her plans suffer. Gyokuro hates Akasha, due to her stealing her master Issa away from her. After losing to Tsukune, Gyokuro expressed hatred for his wish to see humans and monsters becoming friends, because that is the same wish which Akasha held strongly. By all accounts, Gyokuro's hatred for Moka and Akasha sterns from the love her husband shows them and her hatred towards humanity is actually just done to scorn Akasha, meaning that she literally wants to wipe out mankind simply to scorn the ideals of Issa's mistress, which seems to annoy Issa.

She is also shown to have a strong blas pride in her eldest daughter Kahlua.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Gyokuro has shown monstrous strength, though the full extend of her abilities has yet to be revealed. So far, she has shown that she can tear out a stone column with only one hand and hurling it at Tsukune and his friends with relative ease. She also sent Tsukune flying with a slap from her fist. Gyokuro have enough strength to compete with Tsukune after his release of the holy lock's second seal though he overpowered her at the end.