Hokuto Eds + Vampires

Hokuto Kaneshiro was a second-year student in Yokai Academy and the current president of the school committee who strikes up a quick friendship with both Edd and Tsukune. In reality, Hokuto is revealed to be the leader of Anti-Thesis and is allied with Kuyou the main villain of season one, who is determined to bring chaos and destruction among the academy. After his defeat, Hokuto is now confined to a while chair and gained the position as the Fairy Tale's 1st Subdivision Staff Officer.

Hokuto served as one of the two main antagonists (along with Kuyou) throughtout Season One.


Hokuto has shown to be a very manipulative individual with an intellect to match certain opponents such as Edd. He is able to keep a step ahead of the headmaster, as when he was pre-prepared to break out by the later. As well as knowing how to disable the barrier veiling from the humans outside. He also manipulated others to do his dirty work and bore no remorse when they were killed( like when he deceived Tsukune into believing he was working against the very organisation he was leading and Double D when he ruthlessly betrayed him to the Public Safety Commission just because Hokuto thought Edd betrayed him for making new friends and to prove he is smarter than him).


Hokuto and Edd - Edd and Hokuto were formally enemies. Hokuto was originally a friend to Edd and was the first person to meet him in Youkai Academy. Edd once saw him as a good friend and served as his protector against certain enemies such as the cerberus. But as Edd started hanging out with his friends, Ed, Eddy, Tsukune, Moka and the rest of the newspaper club, Hokuto felt betrayed by Edd because Edd has new friends. Hokuto now see's Double D as his new enemy, and he want's to get him out of the way of his goals and to prove that he is smarter than him. Though during Season Two, both Hokuto and Edd seemed to have make amends to each other in the sake of rescuing Moka from Fairy, but Edd acts coldly to Hokuto due to his actions in Season One and promised to kill him, if he ever endangers and betrays Tsukune, Moka, Ed, Eddy and his friends again. But after he defeated Miyabi Fujisaki and Gyokuro Shuzen who was fused with Alucard momentarilily, Edd seemed to have forgiven Hokuto, because he chosen the right path and has restored his friendship with him.