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Izaya Orihara is a powerful and skilled underground informant who enrolled to Yokai Academy. He usually gives information for his own excitement, and claims to love the entire human and Yokai race, excluding Eddy. He is also the leader of the online colorless gang the Dollars.

Izaya is the main antagonist of the Dollars Arc in Eds + Vampires.


Izaya has the appearance and expression of one who is extremely crafty and confident. He is repeatedly described as a handsome man with a beautiful face by other characters in the series. He claims to love humanity and greatly enjoys putting people in miserable or chaotic situations in order to observe their reactions. With a through understanding of human behaviour and tendencies, he is able to determine people's thoughts and predict their reactions with high accuracy. Izaya is cunning and charming but despite this, women are not interested in him and he isn't very interested in women as well. He has a very jolly and mocking personality, speaking information with most people as if they are close friends and often using nicknames. He even talks to a girl on occasion, especially online where he actually does pretend to be female. He plays on both sides, so that whoever wins, he will have an advantage.

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