Kagome Ririko

Kagome Ririko is one of the main protagonists of the anime crossover series Eds +  Vampires. Kagome is also a minor antagonist in the series.

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

She is a lamia and a teacher at Youkai Academy, a school for monsters. She acts kind and friendly, but on the inside she is a cruel person who abuses the students there with the excuses that they don't give her respect and aren't working hard enough.


Kagome Ririko and Eddy- Out of all the students in Youkai Academy, she dislikes Eddy the most due to his reckless, irresponsible, arrogant and rebellous behaviour and even attempted to rape and sexually torture him.

Kagome Ririko and Edd- Kagome favours Edd as her favourite student in mathetics being good at statistics, numbers,algebra, and trigonometry. like many other females in Youkai academy, she is attracted to Edd