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Kevin is a centaur minotaur hybrid and one of the main protagonists of Eds + Vampires. Kevin along with his friends moved to Tokyo to start a new life and enrolled to Youkai Academy.


Kevin is best described as hardheaded and impulsive, which are both atrributes of strong determination to protect mankind and to protect the walls. As a young kid, he was originally a selfish bully and dreams to joining the scout legion which he always argues with his mother. Moreover, he is often blunt and unapproachable and he has a strong respect for structure and discipline. This makes him uneasy to be around. While Kevin respects order and structure, he also seems to hold a distain for authorit and the status quo. When it comes to titans, he's quite merciless, killing them ruthlessly while keeping up his cold behaviour.

Despite his appearance, he does not undervalue human life; as he did not hesitate to grab a dying tem member's blood soaked hand and comfort him in his final moments. Kevin cares greaty about his friends and surbordinates, and sustained an injury for the sake of protecting Nazz

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Centaur Minotaur hybrid, Kevin possessess great strength and endurance during his fights with powerful monsters giving him multiple advantages against sworn enemies. Kevin is a also a highly resiliant opponent being able to take multiple amounts of damages from enemies.

Kevin also has incredible speed due to being a centaur which gives him a slight advantage to fast oppoents.
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Kevin talking to Edd

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