Kiria Yoshii Eds + Vampires

Kiria is the former second-in-command of ANTI-THESIS. Calm and collected, he appears to be interested only in seeing how the events surronding his superior, Kaneshiro, will work out, and shares his view of releasing violence acted out on the students.

It is revealed Kiria injected his blood to Hokuto, transforming him into a monster so that he could survive the dangers of the academy. Ironically, he also appears grateful to Tsukune Aono for changing Hokuto after his foiled attempt in destroying the barrier separating the human and Yokai worlds. He later leaves Yokai Academy with Hokuto after the school festival beigns. He is working with Fairy Tale and is the 1st Subdivision Deputy Leader.

Kiria was the secondary antagonist of the Anti-Schoolar Arc of Eds + Vampires.


Kiria seems calm and collected, but seems to possess a bored and sadistic nature, constantly looking for something interesting, which usually ends in a violent conflict or a dramatic scene between the two. Kiria also seems to have feelings for Kurumu Kurono, stating that he really does actually like her. This could mean that he wishes to kill her, as she failed to bring Moka's Inner self out to fight him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like Hokuto, Kiria is a syntheic beast known as a chimera based off of Alucard's body, his arm can turn into a scythe while in his monster form. Kiria's arm has also been shown to transform into a blade, which he uses to attack Kurumu and Mizore.

He possesses incredible speed, easily out pacing Kurumu in one circumstance, and he later outdoes Yukari and Mizore after arriving with Hokuto following the conflict with Akua. Kiria can also cast a number of Yojutsu spells, one of which teleported Tsukune Aono and Ruby Toujo to a seemingly different dimesion to fight Kuyou.