Kokoa Eds + Vampires

Kokoa Shuzen is one of the main protagonists of the anime crossover series Eds + Vampires. Kokoa is the younger half sister of Moka Akashiya and is the girlfriend of Eddy.


Kokoa can be kind and energinetic if she gets to know someone. She worships Inner Moka but loathes the sweet Outer personality. Despite how many times she's told to do something, Kokoa never listens to her elders.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

As a vampire, Kokoa can sense other people's Yoki and can handle lifting heavy weights starting at a very young age. Being younger is not as strong as sealed Moka but in spite of this she is able to carry the transformer bat named Batty.
Shuzen kokoa

Kokoa Shuzen Eds + Vampires

Kokoa akashiya

Kokoa Shuzen

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Cute Kokoa

Kingdom Hearts Axel's Theme-0

Kingdom Hearts Axel's Theme-0

Kokoa's theme Eds + Vampires

Orginally, Kokoa's transforming bat was for Moka but the transforming bat weighed around 200 pounds. Only Kokoa could really carry it with ease and determined, Kokoa was able to cut through her sister's razor sharp bat-wing arms, and is the only character thus far who's been able to do so. Her physical strength also proved strong enough to hold off one of the Kahlua's blades with her leg. In her older form, she was shown easily breaking reinforced tombstones, a feat that the karate club memebers who arranged it considered impossible.