Lady Oyakata Eds + Vampires

Lady Oyakata is a century-old witch that lives on Witch's knoll and Ruby's guardiam following the car accident that left her orphaned.

Lady Oyakata is the main antagonist of the Witch's Knoll Arc during Season One of Eds + Vampires.


She bears a great contempt for humans, as she and her fellow witches of her time have suffered through a long period of humans expanding their territory and seeks revenge against them by destroying the city nearby with her army of monster plants after land developers attempt to turn her home into a garbage dump.

She has also shown to be manipulative and chriasmatic, at somepoint after Ruby was orphaned, she took her in and raised her as her own, succeeding in having Ruby see humans with contempt. However, this was undone by Tsukune's kindness

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Much of Oyakata's magic revolves around flora, and she can extend vines from her fingers to use as an offensive weapon.

Like Ruby, she can use ravens as familiars to serve as messengers. When fused with the Hanabake plants, she gains the ability of regeneration, rendering any physical attack useless. She can also fuse with other living creatures by having her vines burrow into their bodies and merge with them, which gives her complete control over the creature she has fused with. However, this spell is considered to be a last resort, once transformed, she cannot revert to her former state