Rolf Eds + Vampires

Rolf is a main protagonist of the anime crossover series, Eds + Vampires. Rolf is a centaur-human hybrid who now attends Youkai academy along with the Eds, Nazz and Kevin.


Rolf is a head strong, loyal, determined, devoted, and good natured young man who would often work various jobs around Youkai academy and then tends to do be great at accounting. Rolf still retains his personality when he was in his mid teens, as the son of the shepherd but became more matured.


Rolf and Kevin- Rolf and Kevin are best friends and tend to hang out at lunch breaks at school.

Rolf and Gin- Gin is Rolf's main rival and will tend to challenge him at anything.
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Nazz comforting Rolf

Naruto OST 1 - Strong and Strike

Naruto OST 1 - Strong and Strike

Rolfs theme Eds + Vampires

Rolf and Ed- Rolf and Ed are very good friends and tends to challenge each other into food challenges and Rolf will often help Ed with various jobs around the school

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