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Ruby Tojo is a witch in the human world. She now resides in Yokai Academy as the board chairman's aid and continues to work for him.

Ruby is a supporting protagonist in Eds + Vampires and was the secondary antagonist of the Witches Knoll Arc during Season One.


She was a witch from the human world who craved an extreme hatred of humans when her parents were killed in a car accident. However after meeting Tsukune and the others, she has foregone this trait and became the board chairmans aide in Youkai Academy.


Ruby and Ed- Ed and Ruby's relationship are very close with Ed is very protective of Ruby and Ruby acts like an older sister to Ed.

Ruby and Edd- Like many other girls, Ruby has a crush on edd, but hated his obsession of rules. She tends to be more submissive, wanting to him to be her master and has developed feelings for him after he helped her to defeat her rival, while Edd is disturbed by her sexual play advances. After Ruby admitted these feelings to him, Edd begins to return these affections to her and they became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Ruby and Eddy- Eddy likes Ruby for her masochistic side, and tries to win her by helping her with various jobs. She doesn't return this feeling, and see's Eddy as just a friend.

Ruby and Tsukune-Friend. Tsukune met her in the human world, when she and her master planning to destroy his home town, he helped healed the wounds in Ruby's heart left by the death of her parents. Since then, she's become obsessed with him, he considers her the craziest of all girls.

Ruby and Moka- Ruby and Moka were at first enemies but then became good friends

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Ruby is a very powerful witch, much of Ruby's magic revolves around a motif of ravens and flora, both as familiars and alternate forms for her to take. It should be noted that Ruby's flora looks similar to Biollante the enemy of Godzilla.
Tojo Ruby

Ruby Tojo Eds + Vampires

Ruby witch

Ruby Tojo

By using her talismans as intermediaries, Ruby can summon whenever she wants and in whatever quantity that she wants. She first used this ability in her battle agains Raika, where she summoned an extremely large quantity of crows to fight him
Ruby staff

Ruby using her witch staff

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Rosario Vampire OST (Yuushou no Kimi)

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