Sarah Eds + Vampires

Sarah is one of the main protagonists of the anime crossover series Eds + Vampires. Sarah is the vampire half little sister of Ed and youngest daughter of Issa Shuzen who moved to Japan along with her brother Ed and her friends.


Sarah is a self centered, vain, arrogant, cocky and egotistical but caring, loving and friendly young girl who loves to hang out with her friends and do some school work at Youkai academy. Like her brother Ed, Sarah loves to fight and will often fight in her human form instead of using her vampire powers except using physical strength. Though she loves her brother Ed and will often protect him from monsters.


Sarah and Ed - Sarah when she was a child often bullied Ed and his friends and will often tell her mom on Ed. But as they grew older, Sarah starts to really care about Ed so much, that she will often punch any girl that ever catches his affections mostly to Kurumu.
Sarah eds vampires

Sarah 17 years old

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Sarah with Ed, Eddy and Rolf

Kairi's Theme (10min Extended KH1)

Kairi's Theme (10min Extended KH1)

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