Yukari Eds + Vampires

Yukari Sendo is one of the main protagonists of the anime crossover series Eds + Vampires

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

Yukari is the self proclaim genius and one of the smartest students of Youkai Academy only second to Edd also known as Double D. She tends to have a playful personality seeing as she started high school when she was eleven. She is a witch and wears a typical witch costume.
Yukari Sendo


Yukari and Edd- At first, Yukari hates Edd because he is the one student that is smarter than her also, to her Double D's use of big words is a way of showing off his intelligence. She also thinks that Double D only gets good grades because of relationships with the teachers. Because of Double D's relationship with the teachers, she refers to Edd as the teachers pet. But after Edd saves her from a school bully she eventually changes her attitude towards him once she sees his great intelligence for himself. Other than that, Yukari starts to see Edd as an older brother to her, due to Edd protecting her and defending her from monsters and Edd will often defend her from powerful foes and will intend to cook some food for her, Yukari begins to have a crush on Edd. A running gag in the series, is when Yukari pulls many pranks on Edd just to see what is under his hat.

Yukari and Tsukune- Friend. Tsukune helped saved Yukari from prejudice monsters, accidently gaining her affections in return, both he and Moka are targets for Yukari's love. As time went on, Tsukune began growing more and more frightened of Yukari, due to her obsession in creating a three way relationship with Tsukune and Moka. However he respects her knowledge and magic, which has helped them out of tight spots more than once

Powers and abilitiesEdit

as a witch, Yukari can cast various spells through her magic wand, with her mortif usually revolving around tarot cards and washtubs. Yukari is quite powerful as a witch and has great potential given the right motivation, one instance is when she defeats an army of monster plants by herself during the witch knoll arc.
Rosario Vampire OST Yukari Sendo's Theme (Magical Romance)

Rosario Vampire OST Yukari Sendo's Theme (Magical Romance)

Yukaris theme Eds + Vampires